Style Your Home with LUXURY Fragrance

“When decorating, you are giving your space personality; home fragrance simply adds another layer to that personality.” – Carlos Huber


What does the scent of your space say about your personality?

The power of fragrance can create a mood and ambiance to further accentuate the feeling of your home. Just as important as your selection of furniture, artwork and lighting is, fragrances can assists in bringing together all of the design elements to create a complete experience. The power of scent is comparable to our all-time favorite song or as a heavy dose of deja vu, in which we can link to memories, feelings and a past time that we yearn for. Without it, there may definitely be something missing.


One may ask; how does the smell of a room determine the mood and ambiance? The brain processes smell in the same way that it processes emotion in your olfactive or smell memory. Therefore, every smell you can recall, is directly associated with a feeling or emotional memory.

Connecting the dots between our emotions and our sense of smell to subconsciously lift our mood is what motivates us when crafting unique fragrances. Here at the Krushed Velvet Studio, one of our favorite ways to do this is by incorporating our favorites fragrances into our home décor. Whether your style is traditional and classic or modern and edgy, luxury candles can serve as chic accessory essentials that tie together your space and exude the perfect ambiance. Below we explore the power of fragrance and share some tips on how to infuse your space with unique olfactory charm using the Krushed Velvet Signature Candle Collection.  


Create an Inviting Living Room
When welcoming guest over to your place, whether its family, friends or even that special someone, their first impression is often formed by the ambiance of your living room space. Your "welcome to my home" scent should be something that represents you, what you love and the style of your space.


To make your space inviting and appreciable to all, we love the subtle floral fragrance of Empress. This discreet scent combines a feminine floral touch of pink peonies with a balanced touch of oak moss and coconuts, making it appealing to lady and gentlemen visitors alike. Plus, there's nothing like this royal scent to let guests know who's really in charge. This light fragrance is the perfect complement to neutral or pastel color schemes like whites, grays or muted pinks and purples - think of a blush pink sofa with light accent pillows to match.  




Whats the since of a king sitting on his throne if the ambiance around him does not match. Pharaoh offers the perfect harmony of a masculine tone exclusively for male environments. The bold accents of suede, leather and mixed woods will help mark the territory of a masculine space. Don't worry, the boldness of this fragrance will not run the ladies away. The sweet components of raspberry and guava allow her to enjoy the fragrance as well, while also letting her know who the king is. This earthy fragrance calls for masculine furnishings and artifacts. Try dense fabrics like suede and leather with rich color hues that compliment the fall season such as  browns and deep red tones.  


Home Styling with Luxury Fragrances
Pair the fragrances above with some cool home decor for a relaxing, inviting space to be enjoyed by all. Have fun doing so and make your space unique by adding those personal touches that compliment your style. 

Let us ask you again; what does the scent of your space say about your personality? ­­